Friday, 12 August 2011

Top 10 Favourite Dogs Breeds!

Bichon Frise
I think these dogs are really sweet. There is one where I live and it is so timid and gentle. It is a really lovely dog. I don't think it is the type of dog I would ever want to own, as it is very scared of everything. I don't know if that is in the breed or just this particular dog, but a really friendly dog that loves my lakeland, Willow.

Border Terrier
I would never want to own a Border Terrier, as the ones I know are a lot of work. They are great dogs, run around like nutters, they are friendly and good natured, but the ones I know eat everything, chase everything and annoying pretty much every single animal in the new forest. Lovely dogs, but I don't think I would ever want one for myself.
Bearded Collie
Bearded Collie's are another great dog. They are good natured, but again now the type of dog that I would like. There are two where I live. One is noisy and runs about a million miles an hour, the other is quiet and friendly. They are two of the prettiest dogs to meet in person, as they have lovely coats and are really friendly.

Irish Terrier
I have limited experience with these dogs, but there is a young pup down where I live and he is brilliant. A really beautiful dog, fun, friendly, but hard work. I know he runs his owner ragged, as his recall is terrible!!! I think after actually seeing one in person I wouldn't mind owning this dog, as it is a lovely animal.
No Idea
This picture amused me. This dog looks annoyed 24/7!

German Pointer
I owned a German Pointer and it was hard work. She was a beautiful dog, friendly, playful, could run for miles and miles without getting tired, but she experience serious anxiety problems when alone, which caused thousands of pounds worth of damage in my house. A brilliant dog, but needs to be worked hard just to burn off the energy, which they have an endless supply of. I don't think I would ever own another Pointer.
Irish Wolfhound
My family had a Wolfhound when I was growing up. They also had a Deer Hound, unfortunatly they both died when I was very young and I have limited memory of them both, but there are wolf and deer hounds down near me and they are beautiful. They are brilliant, well mannered and very calm dogs. You would expect something that big, powerful and fast to be more like the pointer with the endless energy, but they are the complete opposite. Very calm and controlling dogs, powerful aura. I don't think I would ever own one again, but I really love this breed.

Fox Terrier
I really love these dogs. I nearly got a Fox Terrier when it came to picking up my last dog, but I decided to go with Molly, my Airedale. These are really lovely dogs and I think one day I would love to have one, but unfortunatly you don't see many of them around, which is a shame.
Lakeland Terrier
The picture above is of my Lakeland, Willow. I grew up with a Lakeland, Katie, who died at the age of 18. She was a fantastic dog. Really kind, caring and amazing with kids. Katie once saved my life when I was attacked by a dog and I absolutely love Lakeland's. I have never met a bad one. I think I will always have Lakelands, as they are amazing dogs and so loyal. I cannot say enough nice things about this breed.

This was a tough choice! The picture above is of my Airedale, Molly. I love Molly to bits, BUT Airedales are hard work, very hard work. They so very, very, very clever. If they are not hearing something miles away, they are seeing something miles away and if they are not doing that they can track people for miles. Airedales are amazing swimmers and spend 90% of their life underwater. They love cold climates like the snow. Above you see Molly having a snowball fight with me, whilst every other dog in the forest stood around shivering. Really amazing dogs, awful recall, as they get distracted by sounds, sights, smells. I am half and half if I will ever get another one, as I love Airedales, I love Molly, but they are very hard work. I have had pointers, deer hounds, wolf hounds, terriers, setters and all sorts, so when I say Airedales are hard work, I mean Airedales are really hard work, lol. But hands down, my all time favourite breed is, Airedale. You will never meet a more confident breed, powerful breed, but friendly, loving and loyal breed.

What is your favourite dog Breed and Why?


  1. No pug! Shame on you!! Number six is a Brussels Griffon. They always look like Ewoks from Star Wars to me.
    Pug is my favorite breed because they were bred for companionship and stick with you and sit next to you and they are smart and the funniest breed there is. Homer, my pug, makes me laugh all the time. Except when he breaks into the garbage! lol. Love this post!

  2. Simon Smith-Wilson13 August 2011 at 11:08

    lol, Brussels Griffon, thank you. I didn't know that one. I do like pugs, my aunty has one, but I haven't had much experience with them. I tried to base the list on dogs that I know in my area. I had to leave a fair few breeds out. Great Dane didn't even make the top 10!

  3. My daughter absolutely loves dogs! I shared this link so she could read it. :)
    I don't really have a favorite breed but I'd have to say my dog Winzy who is part daschund and part Basset hound. She's the sweetest thing and we love her so much! LOL

  4. Simon Smith-Wilson14 August 2011 at 07:42

    Dashuand & Basset hound, trying to picture what that looks like in my head, lol. There is a Basset hound near me and he is lovely. I think the funniest cross I have ever seen was a Collie with like a little dog (not a terrier) I can't think what the breed was. Basically little legs, collie face, black and white colouring, but tiny body. Was a weird dog, but really cute.