About Me

I am Simon Smith-Wilson. Welcome to my website. I have been writing for many years and have written under different pen names. In 2009 I had my first novel published, but had the rights returned to me in 2011, as I wanted to take a break from writing for a little while. Back then I didn't tell the stories I wanted to tell. I was just like any other writer trying to break into the world of writing, but after numerous rejections from publishers I decided to write what was currently "hot" and popular. My books were signed up straight away and it was fun to try my hand at something else, but my heart was not in it, so I got the rights to my books back and took a break.

The reason I walked away from my old books was because my passion is young adult, fantasy, paranormal and adventure books. I was heavily inspired by Willow, Labyrinth, Never Ending Story, Witches and the really cool 80's movies. Before I was published I had stories appear in magazines, ezines and online showcases. My most popular story was a little tale called "The Hermit Master" I had four short stories appear in a U.K magazine. The story was slightly different back then. The Hermit Master was seventeen years old and his dog was an ordinary dog, there were no magic crystals, but there was silliness and funny adventures. I have always wanted to turn that story into a novel and this is what I have done.

I live in the south of the U.K, in the New Forest, and a large part of the Hermit Master series is heavily influences by my own animals, my old dogs, cats, rats, fish and family friends. Many of the settings are loosely based on real locations and many of the characters are actually based on real animals and real people. I think in this day and age many books are dark, scary and rather depressing for no reason. I grew up on dark movies likes, Witches, but that was a really positive and uplifting movie about friendship and bravery. This is what I wanted to bring back with the Hermit Master. I wanted a story that was fun, exciting and full of suspense without being scary, graphic or violent. My stories are filled with really positive messages and great life lessons and will take readers on a whirlwind adventure.