Monday, 22 August 2011

Dogs, loyalty beyond friendship

They say “Dogs are mans best friend.” I personally believe the bond between a dog and their owner goes beyond more than that. It is the one thing non-dog owners don’t understand. My two dogs, Molly and Willow, owe me nothing. They were born into a weird world. They are not running through a jungle hunting wild animals and fighting the elements to survive, instead they live in a nice warm house, sleep on a big comfy bed, get lovely food and sly treats (Don’t tell anybody!).

They are animals. They are not children. This is what makes the bond so special. They really don’t owe me anything, your dogs don’t owe you anything, their brain doesn’t work that that. They see this big gangly creature that shows them unconditional love, gives them everything they need to survive and in return they show love and complete and utter loyalty.

I think that is an amazing thing. If you step back, think about what a dog really is and then see how this animal thinks the world of you. People who don’t have dogs might be going “He is talking out of his butt.” If I did that I would have a youtube account with over a million hits, but I do not.

I will give you an example, which I am sure all dog or cat owners can relate too. Say you lose a loved one and you a heartbroken. You go upstairs, into your bedroom and you cry. You are sobbing your heart out when a muzzle is placed gently upon your knee. Your dog doesn’t know why you are crying, it cannot understand your words, but here they are just reassuring you that you are there with them.

Another example is if you are walking at night, someone approaches you, your dog stands by your side and they stand big, strong and on guard, ready to give their all to defend you. When my timid little dog, Willow, spotted someone in the new forest at night and stood between us, pointing at them, whilst she shook uncontrollably from fear. I never felt prouder. She was so scared, but she didn’t run, she didn’t think “every dog for herself!” She thought “I must protect you.”

These are two big examples, but there are a million tiny things throughout your day where this wild creature will come up and say. “I love you.” This for me is incredible. It is why I think the term “Man’s best friend” doesn’t properly sum up the bond between the owner and their dog. So, I put it to you. What is your stand out memory? When did your dog do something that really touched your heart and said “I love you, I am here for you.” I would really like to hear your replies and stories.


  1. Pugs are bred for companionship, so both Homer and his predecessor, Pugsy, were at my side constantly. Homer rests his chin on my leg when I sit or lie down. If I'm feeling blue, he comes up next to my face, curl up and keep me company. He follows me from room to room, barks at strangers and is never far from my side. It's lovely.

  2. Simon Smith-Wilson23 August 2011 at 12:51

    I actually always wondered what Pugs were bred for, as my Aunty has one too. He sounds like he really loves you. My airedale, Molly, isn't the most touchy feely dog in the world, but she is constantly coming up, sitting beside me and resting her head on my lap. It lasts a couple of seconds, lol, but that is her saving "I love you" and then she heads off.

  3. My Akita, named Jubei Kibagami, sounds a bit like Molly. He is not big on being touched, especially on the face. But he is a beautiful stud, protects me and my three year old son and he lets us know in little ways. Anytime he shows a bit of his gaurdianship, he walks over to me or my son and sits on a part of us.. a leg or a hand with his big heavy back to us. He also hugs when I come home and puts his head on my shoulder.

  4. Simon Smith-Wilson1 September 2011 at 14:06

    I love that, he is a your protecting on one hand, but a big cuddly boy that hugs you when you come home. That is the sign of a very good dog! It is clear to see how much he loves you.